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We believe connection is key!

Together with companies, social driven organizations and individuals we create impact in 2 ways:


We enable companies and their employees to create impact by matching them with suitable social driven organizations.

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Being responsible for
  • the personal growth of your employees,
  • a meaningful employee retention,
  • an active impact-driven contribution and
  • an authentic company image.

We enable organizations and universities to create impact by teaching the right skills to the right people.

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Learn how to
  • solve problems by focusing on the user's needs,
  • find creative ideas,
  • work in interdisciplinary teams and
  • be confortable with an active failure-culture.
Want to know more about? Let's create impact.

About us

"Let's create impact", that's how our 3-month journey started in January 2022. As "adult volunteers" we supported the NGO Wadadee Cares in Katatura, Windhoek (NAM) with our professional skills by sharing our expertise, training volunteers and starting new projects.

It was just a great coincidence that our co-founder Andi met Lena, the founder of Wadadee Cares. Long before that, we were looking for ways to use our human capital and professional skills in a meaningful context. But we didn't know how to find a suitable trustworthy organization. So we were fortunate to find the right organization through our personal contact and knew that we could make a difference on the ground.

On site we noticed that we as "adult volunteers" with our life experience could support the organization in a very special way and that our soft skills have a great leverage, especially for young volunteers. Our idea was born. We decided to approach companies and their experienced employees and match them with organizations that fit their needs, without them needing years to find a suitable project, as we did. We also want to continue offering social design thinking workshops so that even more people can creatively solve problems together for even greater impact leverage.

Can you imagine how much impact we can make if just one person from each company becomes a corporate volunteer? How many problems we can solve if human capital is spread around the world? And how many people will benefit if young people know how to creatively solve a problem and thus drive projects forward? Yes, this idea also puts a big smile on our faces every day.  

Let's create impact through synergies. Be part of the impact konnection, because we are convinced that connection is key.

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Our key connections

We know connection is key. We believe in sharing our ideas to as much people as possible. We are truly blessed by all our key contacts in the last few months. Thanks to all the meaningful talks about our ideas, all the opportunities that comes out of it and all the lovely people that are challenging us day by day. Thanks to all our supporters, who help us on our journey.

Atena Rabou-Degenkolbe

Alexander Plitsch

Marlene Lersch

Nils Tenkleve

Annika Büschgens

Joscha Wirtz

Magdalena Keus

Jörg Pfeiffer

Andrea Kuchenbuch

Jan Uecker

Let's create impact through synergies. Be part of the impact konnection, because we are convinced that connection is key.

Let's konnect

Be part of the impact konnection



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